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Our Story

We are two longtime friends who shared a dream. And just like a dandelion, we have persisted to keep our dream alive.
We have learned to make our presence known, just like a dandelion.

We have been relentless with our goal; we have kept coming back to it, just like a dandelion. Some even called us stubborn.
We have researched and studied the industry. We have stretched our brains w
ith new ideas and have met new, amazing, helpful, kind people along the way.
Finally, our dream has become a wish. A wish to scatter happiness and joy through the creation of our very own bookshop - 2 Dandelions Bookshop! And just like a dandelion, we are feeding minds, hearts and souls with each book sold.
Just like the color of a dandelion, yellow represents happiness. That is what we hope to share! 


We can’t wait to meet you in the bookshop!

Calling all audiobook lovers!  Make the switch from Audible to today!

This keeps your money local and helps to support 2 Dandelions Bookshop.


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Adult Books to Consider

The Chicken Sisters Cover Image
Piranesi Cover Image
The Dilemma: A Novel Cover Image
The Wonder Test Cover Image

Young Adult/High School Recommendations

All American Boys Cover Image
Untwine Cover Image
All the Crooked Saints Cover Image
This Is Where It Ends Cover Image

Middle Readers to Browse

The Boy Who Knew Everything (Piper McCloud #2) Cover Image
My Side of the Mountain Cover Image
Slacker Cover Image
There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom Cover Image

Picture Books We Love

The Best Mommies and Daddies Cover Image
Explore! America's National Parks Cover Image
Listen Cover Image
The Rabbit Listened Cover Image