Book Clubs

Book Clubs

We would love the opportunity to collaborate with our local book clubs. Our space is available for Book Club gatherings and you may bring your own refreshments. If you have a small group, maybe you would like to gather in what we like to call our “Sunny Space”. If your group is a bit larger, we have flexible seating in the shop that can be arranged for comfort and community.

We are also offering discounts for purchasing your book club books at 2 Dandelions Bookshop. Our discounts: 1-5 members/books receive 10% off books purchased for your club.

6+ members/books receive 15% off books purchased for your club.

Please be aware that we will require a 2-3 week notice when ordering the books for an upcoming meeting.

If your Book Club is interested in collaborating with us, please stop in to meet us and fill out our Book Club information form.