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Think faith and science don't go together? Think again It's important to teach children at a young age that faith and science are complementary Too many people today--adults and children--think that faith and science don't go together. In fact, many people who leave the Catholic Church report that they don't believe faith is compatible with science. Sadly, one study found that the median age of people who leave the Church is surprisingly young: thirteen. In an effort to help children learn about the relationship between faith and science, the Daughters of St. Paul, a premiere publisher of Catholic children's books for over seventy years through Pauline Books & Media, have partnered with the Word on Fire Institute to present an exciting new book for children: Brilliant 25 Catholic Scientists, Mathematicians, and Supersmart People. The book introduces children to many of the Catholics who have been behind groundbreaking discoveries in science and math for centuries. Children will embark on an adventure through history where they'll meet faith-filled pioneers in every field from anatomy to astrophysics. They'll walk in the footsteps of these supersmart Catholics who changed the world and learn how brilliant they can be when they unite faith and science Features & Benefits - Twenty-five biographies of some of the greatest Catholic scientists, mathematicians, and inventors - Writing is not dry and textbook-like but fun and inviting - Gorgeous illustrations for each person highlighted - For children ages 7-11 - Includes a helpful Glossary of both scientific and religious terms.

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ISBN: 9780819812483
ISBN-10: 081981248X
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Pages: 101
Language: English