Tron Chronicles: Seismic (Paperback)

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Often we find ourselves at a lark, that is the butt of jokes, as they say in Vietnam. A storyteller, for instance, once explained this to me in words i could understand. Every sentence has a subject and a predicate. The story of Buffy the Vampire Dragon Slayer is no different. To put it another way, once upon a time, Buffy the Vampire Dragon Slayer was allowed to enter the cockpit of an airplane. He sat down next to the pilot, looked at all the meters, and shortly thereafter began providing directions to the pilot. It was a long flight. The frustrated pilot did not know what to do about Buffy the Vampire Dragon Slayer constantly giving him advise. After many years the Pilot was able to fashion a shot gun with ammunition made from the fuselage of the airplane and when again Buffy the Vampire Dragon Slayer tried to give him advise, he shot him in the face. Though, weakend considerably, this did not prevent Buffy from giving advise however to the pilot. So the Pilot had the passengers on the plane drag Buffy to the exit and thew him out of the airplane. Funny thing about Buffy the Vampire Dragon Slayer, after falling to the ground, his last words to the pilot was, "You missed.

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ISBN: 9781530719808
ISBN-10: 1530719801
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 24th, 2016
Pages: 300
Language: English